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No worries. It’s just highly contagious.

Piper’s been feverish.  And happy. Spiking to 103 but claiming that she is ‘feeling much better, mom.’  Crazy sad and waking up in the middle of the night.  Then smiling and prancing in the morning like a tiny little ray of sunshine.

Her mother’s lack of sleep has proven less sunshiny.  Let’s not dwell on that part.

Off we went to the doctor today after she told me her ear hurts and she needed to see a doctor. And he checked her ears.  They looked lovely. But she was hot and so he kept looking.  In her tiny little mouth, he found some molars popping through.  Two year molars making their way into her mouth to help her through all those steaks in years to come. But then he looked a little further and found those little blisters in her throat.  He checked her hands and her feet.  They are clear.  So it’s not that strain, the one that reminds me of cattle.  It’s some other one, but still crazy contagious and the sheet says ‘don’t bother isolating from other children. It’s so contagious that her friends already have it.’  So now I’m waiting for Gideon to start with some fevers and waking up at all hours and general malaise that somehow only shows up when rest is required.

Thanks for visiting, coxsackie virus. Now please, fly far far away.

Too close to not catch it


Look What We Made Today

Butter Cookies with Maple Frosting

2 sticks of butter

3/4 cups of sugar

1 egg

2 Tblsps milk

1 1/2 tsps vanilla

3 cups of flour

1/2 tsp salt

1 tsp baking powder

Cream together wet ingredients. Mix in dry ingredients. Chill. Roll out (or, if little hands are involved, just have them roll into balls). Bake at 400 for 5 minutes.

So happy to bake! OVERSMILE!

Concentrating on his one armed stir technique




Vanilla and Maple Flavoring

Powdered sugar

Do we still need to measure these?  Eyeball it.  Get it to the right consistency and taste.  Grab the Betty Crocker cookbook if you’re proportions seem really off. Keep taste testing.  Frost yo’ cookies. Enjoy!

He seemed so much happier before I pulled out this camera.


It is rainy today.  I am so incredibly thankful.

But here’s a peak at what the heat and humidity have been driving us to do every afternoon.

Oh what? You think that's some kind of fog because the lense was too cold? Maybe. But I'd like to think that the camera just captured the weight of the muggy humid air.

Chocolate ice cream cones. Her favorite dessert right now. See how she's eyeing you suspiciously? You might want to step away slowly.

Grass from the Slip N Slide. Chocolate ice cream from the freezer. Perfection.

Disappearances and Such

So, I left again for a while, mostly  because I got all busy trying to get some other obligations taken care of.  It seems that I only have space for one extra thing at a time in my mind and schedule on top of all the mothering and wifery and home mechanics of the day. I would apologize to you, but I wouldn’t do it any other way either, so I suppose it’s just something we will all put up with until the day I have a maid or a personal chef or I’ve harnessed child labor more efficiently.

In the meantime, we’ve been up to lots of fun.  We got that slip and slide.  We took some videos and pictures of it.  I’ll put them up for you soon.

We’ve had lots of friends over for meals and to hang out and enjoy sharing our Legos and pink things. Gideon in particular has mastered the art of being an excellent host, giving tours of the house (And this is the garage….) and allowing other kids to build with his most prized possessions.

Currently we are hibernating against all of the ridiculous heat and pretty much not leaving the house unless it is super important (like having supper at a restaurant or buying paper products). The levels of energy are disturbingly high since we can’t really go run in the yard for hours because Mama will die. I let them play soccer in the house yesterday and it kind of helped but it was nothing like a park visit.  We’ll be trying to come up with exciting indoor activities for about another week or so until all this crazy heat passes. Any ideas of what we should add to our list?

There Will Be Blood (And Screaming)

I was in the living room this morning while the kids pretended to eat plastic fruit at the table.  They were playing Market and had purchased the fruit just moments before. I doubt they washed it though.  Those little people aren’t all that down with proper food preparation ever since someone taught them to try a grape in the grocery store before they select a bag to take home.

Anyway, they were in the dining room.  I was on the love seat. That’s when she fell off the dining room chair and her chin was covered in blood.

She fell in her room yesterday and bloodied her mouth then. At first I thought she’d just aggravated that mouth injury, but then as I wiped some blood off of her face I saw the puncture wound.  That sharp little snaggle tooth had pierced her skin.  I couldn’t see how badly. She didn’t want to hold still for me. She wanted me to call Poppy.  So I did.

I held her on the sofa with an ice star in one hand and her blanket in the other, her thumb unable to soothe. Poppy arrived and she laid completely still while he wiped off the blood and determined that she hadn’t bitten all the way through it. A top lip laceration and one just below it too.  No stitches necessary. Ice chips seem to be the very best medicine.

Cage Fighting isn't for Wimps


Want to Guarantee A Good Time?

You need a recipe for awesome if you want a guaranteed exciting time.  Let me lay this one out for you.

Small children. They make everything a little bit more exciting because it is pretty much going to be the first time they see whatever it is that you are doing, even if they saw it last year.  They probably don’t remember.  The same way you’ve met your fourth cousins but couldn’t tell anyone their names.  It’s all a little vague.

Dogs.  Preferably ones that you don’t ever have to take to the veterinary office for shots or to get their nails done. Get a couple of really territorial ones like some dachshunds. They go especially nuts.

A tiny rodent. A squirrel is too big.  Find a field mouse.

A window well. There is plenty of access and plenty of space for everyone to get the full view of the kind of insanity that is about to unfold.

Some frogs.  Just for fun.  They won’t move when the dogs bark or when the mouse runs across their entire bodies.

Place the mouse in the window well (or, as we do, just wait until one falls in there like the idiot it is). Open the back door and keep the children from being knocked down by the nearly frothing dogs. Watch and listen as the mouse tries to escape from the dogs without any possible way of doing that.  Observe the dogs going crazy for a kill, barking constantly. You’ll be able to see the mouse’s breathing escalate, just like you can hear the dogs panting. See the kids pick up on the excitement without really knowing what the fate of that mouse would be if a dog fell in that window well. You won’t be disappointed.

Experiment: Day I Can’t Remember

I’m not that good with counting days – of any kind. For the first three years we were married, I couldn’t remember Jud’s birthday correctly.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  Look! You don’t have to remember the anniversary of our first date or when we went to that one place or the other or our wedding day and all that.  In return, I will forget to purchase cards and gifts for you.  That last part is the curse.  I’m just terrible about it and I know I’m not supposed to be since I am a GIRL, but I’ve just kind of come to terms with it.  I used to stress out about it but never actually alter my behavior.  I don’t stress about it anymore. I figure the fact that I make our kids floss their teeth every night is more important than remembering to make them cards for their half birthdays.  Their dentist will be happy at least.


They earned all seven stars.  They are happy. I have so enjoyed the peace and am looking forward to holding the use of the Slip N Slide over their heads as a daily reward for helping their sibling.  And they did this amazing amount of helping each other over these past seven, eight, nine days.  Today he helped her make her bed. She helped him pick up all the Legos. They both helped put laundry away. No one was sentenced to their room until the Warden came home for dinner to release them.

I will be making a trip to the store with them tomorrow to purchase the Slip N Slide.

There is a chance for rain the next two days.

We’ll play with the box while we wait.  We love boxes.