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So Long Junie

Today is the last day of this month, a month that I barely knew had arrived.  I’m still getting back on track from the eight days out east as we prepare for our weekend in Madison.  Sorry for not posting more, but I just haven’t got it in me right now.

Check out the new photos on flickr in the meantime.


Swearing Not to Do That Again

Somewhere along the 3300 miles that we drove, we all decided that the trip on which we’d embarked was just this side of insanity.  The kids did a great job, in spite of the very long hours they spent in the car and the lack of naps.  I am very sure that the dvd player and Bob the Builder were a balm to Gideon’s soul and I was so glad that I brought along a pacifier as Piper embraced it in Illinois on the way out.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s wonderful to see the fam, but it is absolutely grueling on us to do it like that.  We have officially sworn off of the eight day trip out east.  Next year one of my cousins, dare I say my favorite one, will be getting married on a tiny island off the coast of Maine.  We will be flying (and then driving and then ferrying) out for that, which will be a whole new kind of traveling with children. In the meantime, we’ll try to keep the trips a little closer to home (Madison here we come!).

In pictures:

It’s Pretty Much Done

Did I mention that we are putting a new deck on our house? Well, that’s what happens when your deck rots out.  The old deck was nearing the hazard state (we didn’t let the Gid out there without shoes on and frequently worried about splinters in his knees and hands).  When we decided to do the job, we contacted our friend Derrick about heading up the project.  That was the best decision we could have ever made.

The dude is awesome.  We have nothing but completely positive things to say about his incredible knowledge, skill and work ethic.  He knew exactly what needed to get done and guided the other friends who were here to help with ease.  The best part is that Derrick is incredibly positive and laid back about all of it.  When we changed how we wanted it laid down?  He was all “no problem” and adjusted without complaint or stress.  If you’ve got something you need done, he is the man to do it. We will call him when it’s time to finish the basement in a few years and when we get ready to replace some siding on our house too.

The very best part of redoing our deck is that Gideon has had a perfect view of all the work through the sliding glass door.  It’s kind of like having Bob the Builder in your backyard for a week. Gideon affectionately refers to Derrick as “The Man” and has frequently yelled out in sheer delight “Tools!” and “Truck!” and “Wrench!”.

Part of our deal with Derrick was to feed him whenever he was working,  so Gideon has warmed up to him pretty quickly as they munch on meatloaf and mac-n-cheese, hamburgers and tacos.  He’s usually pretty quiet around people he doesn’t know, but Derrick has been brought into his circle of trust with break neck speed, so much so that last night, while getting ready for bed we were going over who loves him and who he loves and The Man was right up there with Poppy and Daddy.

Now that the project is all over (save the staining) and we won’t be seeing Derrick as much, Gideon is going to have to adjust to just seeing him at church.  It might be a hard transition, but I think we can at least distract him by letting him play outside on our awesome new deck.

(Pictures to come soon)

Snapshots from Today


Piper wakes up and squawks for someone to rescue her.  I go in and find her huddled in the corner of her bassinet, back arched and trying to turn over.  I pick her up, lay her down on the bed and prepare to change her diaper.  A giant smile spreads across her face, starting with her eyes first.  She squeals happily while I meet her needs and cuddles my neck when I pick her up again.


Gideon is playing with his ride-on Thomas and has a Nalgene bottle in one hand.  He announces that he is driving to ‘star’ (which is what we call dad’s work because all of the other words are too garbled to understand.  He will probably grow up thinking Jud is an astronaut who flies to a star every day for work). A few minutes later he yells “Hi Daddy!”.  I suppose he has arrived.


While Piper is down for her first nap of the day, Gideon asks to make chuchis by saying the word while cocking his head to the side.  He reminds me of a little puppy asking for a treat.  I can’t refuse.  


Snicker doodles in progress, Gideon is stirring a bowl full of air while I add the dry ingredients.  He jabs his spoon into the dough and quickly licks it off. It is the very first time he’s eaten cookie dough and his eyes get big as he says “yes!” and wants to scoop up more.  Evasive action keeps his spoon out and I promise him he can have a cookie after they bake.  


Cookies are baking while Gideon colors at the table.  He asks me to sit by him and we are both coloring.  The first batch finishes and Gideon has one at the table.  He’s taking bites in between coloring.  I sit down and pick up a crayon.  He puts the cookie up to my mouth and says ‘Mommy eat.’  We share the cookie and the coloring until all the cookies are baked.


Piper is awake again and watching Gideon play.  Thunder breaks outside and Gideon runs to us.  With my arm around him he is suddenly brave and using a big voice to talk about the rain and the thunder.  He suggests we find an umbrella.  I suggest we read. 


Both of them are down for naps and although my house looks certifiably disastrous, I’m perfectly content.

Gremlin Update

The Gremlins might have won last week, but I’m laying the smack down now:

– Drivers License – Never found it. Went to the DMV on Friday.  Tried pleading my case to reissue license.  Was told that the picture they had on file “didn’t even look like” me.  Took vision test.  Came home. Studied for written test.  Went back to DMV. Took written test.  Couldn’t take driving test as you have to make an appointment to do that.  Weighed wether or not gnawing off my own hand would be more fun than returning to the DMV.  Decided I need both hands to make brownies.  Decided to keep both hands.  Went back to DMV on Monday and passed the driving exam by one point.  Imagined myself attacking the crotchety old man who scored my driving.  Maintained composer, because, hey, at least I still passed.  Forced smile for picture. Possess new license and am guarding it with my life. 

– Gym Membership Card – Still not found.  Will pay $10 for a replacement…soon. 

– Cell Phone – Found!  Turns out I left it outside on the step at my parent’s house as that is where my car stopped working and that’s where I plopped myself down to wait for a ride from the Jud. Also found with my phone were my car keys and a key to my parents’ house.  Hey, thieves!  You should follow me around.  I will just leave the keys for you right here, where you could use them.  

– Ability for my car to recognize my key and actually start – Father entered the land of Google and found warranty zapping quick fixes involving cutting the THIN yellow wire.  Still not sure what the thick one does but the warnings against it were dire.  He installed a toggle switch to fool the car into thinking that it can still start.  The last two times we fixed this it cost $350 EACH TIME.  The Dad Special? About five bucks at Home Depot.  Woot! 

– A working breast pump – Am not smart.  Was having much stress. Forgot to use those little flappy things that, you know, insure there is suction by creating a vacuum. File this one under I AM LAME.

– My sanity – Still officially gone.  Hoping to find it on the east coast soon, possibly squeezed between a bun at Ann’s Dairy Cream or tucked under some sand at the beach. 


If I Could

Lately I have been wanting to have a little sit down with myself two years ago.  There’s a few things I would tell her.

1. Calm down.  Take a giant breath and breathe. Keep breathing.  The next two years are going to go really really fast, even if all of these sleepless nights are making each day seem like twenty. Relax a little bit.  Buckle up and enjoy it. 

2. You know how you’re freaking out? Well, every cough is not whooping.  Every warm forehead is not a fever (put the thermometer down). Every small thing is not a big one.  

3. The Almighty Schedule is for most days.  If six out of seven are normal, that’s great. If one day of the week is off, don’t panic.  You can wake him up from a nap if you have to make it to an event once in a while.  You can put him to bed late now and then and he will not fall apart, so you shouldn’t either.  Keep it up and protect his sleep when it’s logical, but don’t loose your poop if it’s not possible. Don’t vote for skipping vacation just because you’re nervous about his sleep.  He’s more flexible than you give him credit for. 

4. You are doing a fantastic job documenting all of these days in pictures. There will be so many pictures of the baby and you will be so happy that you took them.  Keep charging those batteries and keep reaching for the camera.  By the way, you can take video really easily on that thing.  Just turn that little knob on top over to the last dial and you’ll be golden (if I don’t tell you this now, it will take another three months for you to figure this out).

5. The child for which you are currently caring is not every child.  They are each so uniquely themselves and you will be so surprised to meet the second one who looks so much like this first one but with whom life goes much easier. All children will challenge you and all of them will remind you to give your mother a hug and let your father know how glad you are that your parents raised you right and to nuzzle up to your husband every night and remind yourselves that you’re in this thing together, forever and always. That way when things are less than perfect (and they always are) the two of you will laugh together and let the fear go. 


I don’t know if she could’ve heard these words and changed.  People probably said all of these things then but I couldn’t hear it over the din of my own mouth. I’m probably still a little closer to that tent than I realize, but at least I’ve left the camp.

Video Friday: Blast from the Past

In keeping with the theme of the week, here is an oldie but a goodie:

Blast from the Past from JudandKim on Vimeo.