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Seven and No Itching

It’s been seven years since we tied the knot. Seven years since I put on that white dress. Seven years that feel short and long.

We moved to Texas. We moved back.

Jud did grad school. I made some bucks and really great friends.

We had a baby and then another one. We bought a house and a car and now we need to buy another one. We painted. We got a new deck.

We visited friends and friends came to visit. We ate some awesome food in pretty places.

We haven’t kept score. We can sort through whatever is going on from the same bench. We’ve walked through hard days and swam through happy waters.

We are happy and healthy and grateful.


Thoughts from a Tuesday

I need to get my workout in. It’s 6:00 am and I have house guests. Let’s do this.

Can you smell this bad when the house guests get up?

Who needs to rehydrate with water? I’m using the real power aid. Coffee.

Piper taking a shower with me guarantees that Gideon will be quiet while he plays in the living room. I wonder if I can get that guarantee in writing.

House guests’ food allergies have nixed the yogurt parfaits from my plan. I had no back up plan. Next time.

Having people around to play with these kids while I get ready makes my life super easy. I should look into this for every day. Wait, a minute.

If I am selected for the extra security screening, should I choose to be violated by someone’s hands or photographically?

Am I smart enough use the iPad on a plane? Should I just read a book instead of listening to one? It is the same book.

I hope Piper doesn’t put up some kind of insane attitude while I’m away. She cultivates that thing like Jud does that little box of vegetables in the back yard. I am always pruning it back (Piper’s attitude, not the vegetables. I couldn’t tell you what is a weed and what we will eventually consume). Hopefully she has learned to prune herself a bit lately. Who am I kidding? She is two.

I’m gonna miss these munchkins.