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Couldn’t Be More Excited

So glad it’s not Romney.  Double down on change, baby. 


In her own words…(from John Cornyn’s site where she guest blogged).

On Energy & ANWR

by Gov. Sarah Palin


What will it take for Congress to enact comprehensive energy policy that includes increased domestic production of oil and gas, renewable and alternative energy, and conservation? It seems to us outside of the Capital Beltway that virtually every effort to accomplish this is met with criticism and failure.

In my opinion, the debate about energy policy is no longer theoretical or abstract. Our failure to enact an energy policy is having real consequences for every American in their daily lives and has begun to affect America’s place in the world. Alaska is ready, willing, and able to assist the nation in addressing our acute and expanding energy needs. Like many other states, we would like the opportunity to help.

Congressional approval of responsible petroleum development in the coastal plain of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) – the most promising unexplored petroleum province in North America – would be of incalculable benefit to my state and our nation.

In the last few weeks, proposals have been tabled to permit oil exploration and development in the 80 percent of the federal Outer Continental Shelf (OCS)which is off-limits to such activity. I strongly support OCS development in Alaska and elsewhere as a necessary component of a sound energy strategy. However, it makes no sense to consider the OCS and to ignore the possibility of exploration and development in highly perspective upland areas,including ANWR.

As this is written, the Alaska Legislature is considering proposals to commercialize and transport the vast quantities of clean-burning natural gas that are located on the North Slope.

Already, 32 trillion cubic feet of natural gas reserves have been identified, and many trillions of additional cubic feet are thought to exist on the North Slope and in off shore areas of Alaska.

This gas is important to consumers in the lower 48 states, as prices rise and we are increasingly concerned about the carbon footprint resulting from energy utilization.

If we don’t move now to enact an energy policy that includes more oil and gas production from domestic sources, including ANWR and the federal OCS, we may look back someday and realize that we failed to perceive a critical crossroad in the history of this nation. I don’t think it’s overly dramatic to say that our country’s future and the quality of life for every American depends on the decisions that are made or not made in the next few months.


Sounds good, no?  I heart her.  Heart.  

Oh, and her comments about her son Trig who was born with Downs in April of this year?

 “I’m looking at him right now, and I see perfection. Yeah, he has an extra chromosome. I keep thinking, in our world, what is normal and what is perfect?”

Love it.  Love. 

Now my soul won’t shrivel up when I vote for McCain.  At least I’ll be voting for Palin too. 


Where I’ve Been

Mostly on the sofa napping.  But there is a good reason for it.  We had this fantastic weekend that involved a three hour drive to South Dakota for a wedding that was so incredibly fun.  Pretty much all of Jud’s friends from college were there (and I’m sure I can say that they are all my friends too). 

Months and months ago, while at his company’s Christmas party, he refused to dance with me, instead  promising to dance with me at this very wedding reception.  Not only did he hold up his end of the bargain, he was actually pretty good at it.  It was a little intimidating at first (and not just because I had on four inch stilettos).  There were a gaggle of thin tall beautiful people who actually knew how to dance FOR REAL.  They were doing steps and twirling and just in general moving quickly to the music.  We got into the middle of them and shuffled around at first.  By the end of the night, though, I’d say people were pretty impressed by some of our moves (see: stomping for over three minutes straight; and, also: the cockroach).  Jud performed the later.  It was pretty much hilarious.  

Thanks for getting married, friends!  We totally enjoyed the party (the ceremony was a TEAR-JERKER, the rehearsal smooth and fun with pickles that I am going to attempt to replicate for Jud this very weekend). Can’t wait to see the two of you at our house for the game!  Happy honeymooning.

Special thanks to Adam for the photo and Grandma & Poppy for keeping the kid so we could party.

He Doesn’t Say Airplane Yet

Technically, I suppose you could say that we all took Gideon to the air show last Saturday, but let’s be really honest.  Poppy took Gideon to see the things they both love and the two of them had a great time together.  We were glad to be there too, Jud, Grandma Paula and I, but there’s something extra in the way Poppy tells him about the planes. 


ER Take Two

Late yesterday afternoon, while playing outside with some neighborhood kids and enjoying the slip-n-slide, Gideon walked into a hole.  Not a big hole.  A hole created by a ground squirrel.  A tiny hole that fits a tiny leg just perfectly.  And then he refused to put any weight on it.  

Shortly before the fall….

We took him back inside and attempted to feed him things he loves – cheddar brat – broccoli – banana – muffin.  He ate okay, but not like he usually does (which is about twice as much as you would ever expect a 15 month old to consume). He seemed much calmer, so we attempted to let him walk again.  Both feet on the hardwood, three steps and then collapse.  He was crying and seemed to be in quite a bit of pain after our experiment.  So off we went to the emergency room.

It’s been a little over a month since we took him in with the broken arm.  I was gearing up for CPS visits and interrogating questions.  I was sweating about it, really, wondering if they’d do a home visit, preparing myself for the.absolute.worst. 

We finally get back into a private room to wait for the doc and he comes in happy and warm.  We tell him what happened.  He feels around a bit.  He takes Gideon from me so that he can walk back over to me and we can all see what happens.  And he walks runs back to my arms without so much as a limp. Then he plays shy for a little bit and the doctor pronounces him fine.  No x-rays, of course, because he’s using it without any problems.  

Even though I was pretty sure something was wrong, I’ll still gladly pay $150 to not have a broken legged baby. Whew. 


I’m not sure why or how or, again, why but someone put up beautiful paintings on billboards along the main road that runs by our house. There are three of them that I pass on my way to the interstate and I can’t help but wonder why someone in this city (the city that does not care much about aesthetics or even just not looking like an industrial melting pot of filth) thought that they should purchase giant spaces to showcase art.  I’m not sure who did it or why or if it will leave me soon, but it makes me incredibly happy to see those three billboards.  It gives me so much hope.

Team USA

In case you live under a rock, or just incredibly remotely, the Beijing Olympics began this past weekend.  Jud and I have always enjoyed watching the Olympics, and this round has been no different. We have, however, made a few notes about these games…

We’re not sure when Visa decided that “Go World” was a good slogan, and we understand it’s a global company, but frankly, we want the US to bring home more golds, silvers and bronzes than anyone else. Why is wanting our team to win suddenly not the point of the games?  Everyone’s all “the world comes together” but it’s as if they’ve forgotten the last half “to prove who is the best”.  We’re not all winners.  The ones who are, come in first.  

Speaking of coming in first, we stayed up past our self imposed bedtime to see the US men’s 4×100 team eek out a win over the snotty French team who had claimed that they would ‘smash’ our team.  It was an insanely close finish and it was almost unbelievable.  It was the stuff of miracles, and it was all the more sweet given the trash talking. Oh, and I didn’t feel even a twinge of sorrow for the French. 

The women’s gymnastic team came out under intense pressure given that two of them were injured, forcing all of the scores to count on a number of events.  They stepped out of bounds.  They fell off the uneven bars.  They didn’t stick all of their landings…until they got to the beam, where they somehow got it all back together and finally posted a score higher than the Chinese team, who by the way, have girls on their team who look like they are twelve, if that.  There was some questioning about their ages (they have to be at least 16 to compete) but I’m sure there is still no way to really verify their ages. One of their tiniest is an amazing little thing, He Kexin, and she’s an animal on the bars, but she slipped off last night.  You could see the disappointment and the pain of failure. It was just the prelims and her score still qualified her to do the individual apparatus, but she was really upset.  The juxtaposition of her and our girls who made mistakes was striking. I know that culture is a part of it, but I also think it has a lot to do with the maturity of three or four years.  There’s a reason why they aren’t supposed to compete until their sixteen.  

For as much as China has opened her doors to the outside, and as much as they are trying to do their coming out party the right way, they are still an oppressive regime, keeping people working in situations of unbelievable conditions. For all the lip service they pay to respecting nature and being in harmony with the earth, they have committed some of the worst pollutive acts imaginable and force their people to deal with the repercussions in unimaginable ways. It’s great that China has made progress, and according to a Chinese-Canadian we know, they will get to democracy in the next twenty years as long as the west stays out of their affairs.  I’m still saddened by the oppression, still questioning if they can leave their dark past of communism, still hoping for a future as bright as the image they are projecting today.


PS – The Project Runway challenge for last week: Uniforms for the US Olympic ladies to wear to opening ceremonies.  There were some hideous outfits.  And then I watched the opening ceremonies and realized that there were even worse options out there….


So, it’s been what, almost three full days since the cast was removed.  Water has been the main event in these short days and today was no different.  We went to the little park one suburb over where water shoots out of metal things and into buckets and all over the children.  It’s free and it is a fairly hot day.  I figured it would be fun. 

And it was…until one of the big kids ran smack into him and he nailed the back of his head on the pavement.  There were tons of kids there and I know it could have happened to anyone and I’m sure the kid didn’t mean to do it, but there is that part of me that just wants to jerk a knot into that little girl. I have no idea if she was a part of the legion of daycare kids that showed up ten minutes after the water started or if her mother was one of the ones sitting in the shade ignoring the children altogether, but either way I wanted to blame an adult for their lack of proper attention.  As I held my sobbing child I wanted to yell at someone and tell them about how he just got done being the kid with something wrong.  I wanted to get a bunch of bubble wrap and bind his little body with it. I wanted to be able to mend the swelling and the pain.  And I couldn’t do any of it.

So we came home.