No worries. It’s just highly contagious.

Piper’s been feverish.  And happy. Spiking to 103 but claiming that she is ‘feeling much better, mom.’  Crazy sad and waking up in the middle of the night.  Then smiling and prancing in the morning like a tiny little ray of sunshine.

Her mother’s lack of sleep has proven less sunshiny.  Let’s not dwell on that part.

Off we went to the doctor today after she told me her ear hurts and she needed to see a doctor. And he checked her ears.  They looked lovely. But she was hot and so he kept looking.  In her tiny little mouth, he found some molars popping through.  Two year molars making their way into her mouth to help her through all those steaks in years to come. But then he looked a little further and found those little blisters in her throat.  He checked her hands and her feet.  They are clear.  So it’s not that strain, the one that reminds me of cattle.  It’s some other one, but still crazy contagious and the sheet says ‘don’t bother isolating from other children. It’s so contagious that her friends already have it.’  So now I’m waiting for Gideon to start with some fevers and waking up at all hours and general malaise that somehow only shows up when rest is required.

Thanks for visiting, coxsackie virus. Now please, fly far far away.

Too close to not catch it

  1. We had that lovely virus last year. I’m hoping we don’t get it this year!! Good luck!

  1. November 25th, 2011
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