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Holy Cow Aldi

People.  Do you have an Aldi? 

We do. 

And it is awesome.

I bought almost all of the groceries we need for the week and spent just over thirteen dollars.*  That’s right.  Thirteen.  A one and then a three, and that included two bags of wonderfully discounted Easter M&Ms.** Wha?!

I know.

*Granted, I didn’t pick up any meat, but I could have.  It would have been slightly more, but not by much. 

**Most of the time you don’t have brand choices. The M&Ms were brand specific, but it’s not like you’ll stand and look at the milk selection and decide between Roberts and Great Value, or the bread and think “which one of these honey wheat breads has the least amount of sugar?”  It’s more like “Do I need my frozen asian stir fry vegetables to be brand specific?”  My answer, ‘nope.’  My food money envelope? Still has cash in it.



The days are starting to stretch out now into the long sunny ones that I’ve been missing.  This winter was a nice frigid way to remind us that our blood had started to flow a little too Texish.  Now that the sun is out and the wind less biting, Gideon and I are starting to venture out. 

 Last fall, when the air had already turned crispy, a friend chided me to “get out and stroll!”.  And I wanted to, but I couldn’t seem to figure out how to go for a walk with three down comforters wrapped around my legs. Since the rebirth from the blanket cocoon, I am still testing out these strolling wings.  In so doing, yesterday, we went to the park.  On the way there, he was dead silent, which is his default setting for whenever he is outside of our house. Inside he is chatty.   He has opinions about everything.  He yells words and laughs at private little gibberish jokes he tells himself.  He is effervescent.  Then I put on his shoes and the switch flips. He’s somber and studious.  He’s not amused and he’s counting the minutes he must endure all of this.  He would especially like it if you would stop looking at him. 

So, anyway, we went to the park.  We went down slides.  We were swinging.  We felt the sand.  We watched a little floppy haired dog go down the slide with some mildly sadistic teenagers who thought it was hilarious.  We got back to walking before he was forced to do the monkey bars….

And he jabbered for the rest of the walk. 

Not a moment of silence.  He had something to say about everything he saw, or maybe he was just trying to convince me to go back and save that little dog.  I’m not totally sure, but we’re going to go back today. 

Notes on a Baby

Amazing things he did this week….

– While feeding him giant portions of food, he has always demanded more! more! and hurry! hurry! by smacking his little open hand on the high chair.  We attempted to teach him the sign for ‘more’ and ‘please’. He occasionally tried to do it, but always reverted to the hand banging.  It had a lot more flare to it.  We also tried to teach him the sign for ‘all done’ so that he could tell us when he was finished.  He never attempted the sign. He usually just stared at us and wondered which one of us had the hearing loss and why we were so bad at sign language.  This week, after consuming twice his weight in lunch time foods, he very clearly yelled at me “All Done!”.  I was a little shocked and thought it might be a coincidence until I tried to bring another spoon to his mouth and he yelled it again. 

 I did what every mom does and started calling the kid’s dad so that he could hear it too.  And then my mom.  And then my dad.  Now he says it when he’s done with anything.  His morning powershake?  All done!  Talking on the phone to Grandma Bragg?  All Done!  Getting his diaper changed?  ALL DONE!

– He’s been very good at walking while holding onto whatever.  Side stepping at the window is always a favorite. This week, he flipped over a large piece of tupperware and did this.

Quick…like a bunny

This past weekend was unbelievable relaxing fun.  The days leading up to it were slightly more frantic.  A week ago we were rushing around like crazy people hanging curtains and painting doors in an effort to have the house ready for Bible study that night. I know, right?  They don’t really care that much about the curtains or the door color.  But I do. I love to make things just so and then stand back and see how the peeps enjoy them. I’m that way about the stuff I make and the things I write too.  I don’t really want anybody looking at any of it until I am ready.  Ready may be while it is all still in process, but I’ve reached some sort of level of satisfaction that allows for input and judgment.  Until then, I need to keep the curtain drawn. 

Oh yes, the curtains.  Most of them are up.  The main floor still has naked windows offering full sight into our little fish bowl.  Best to keep fully clothed when on that floor.  Also because of the freezing. We got this giant bill from the gas company demanding we saw off a limb or sign over Gideon’s soul, so we turned down the heat.  It’s above 60. It’s below 65.  I am c-o-l-d.  Gideon is fine.  He is usually all warm and deliciously sweaty after a nap.  My cold cold hands changing his diaper might explain why he hasn’t been loving changing time though.

I’ll post some pictures of the work we’ve done soon…right after I take them…which will be right after I pick up the toys, coasters and tupperware that are strewn about.  It only takes a minute to put it all back but I get so tired of doing it that sometimes I just wait until 4:00.  We’re getting close to that hour now, so you may be in luck tonight.

I’ll give you the lowdown on the weekend now…because you were dying to know, no?

Ronke arrived on Friday and we dined at the Family Lo Sole’s famous deliciousness.  I had the Pasta Reggio.  I am a creature of habit. 

Saturday was Josyln, the zoo, eating at home and a little late night time at the Corkscrew.  Ronke hadn’t been to our zoo before, although she has been to O-town a few times. Gideon hadn’t been before either.  It was kind of disappointing for everyone. There were lots of cages and the habitats were very nice. Animals, however, were hard to find. We did hang out with some chimps for a while.  Gideon liked the little guys playing and the daddy chimp wanted Ronke’s purse.  He is apparently very into Tim Gunn. 

Sunday was church and Charlestons (why they don’t have one of those in Dallas is still confusing me) and then shopping with my mom. Ronke and I did very well. No debit cards were used.  Adam and Tom and Brad came over that evening. We watched a movie after they left. It was a full day.

 Gideon is crying now so I better go get him from his nap.  There’s a story about why he is taking this one so late today.  I’ll share soon.

On My Way to Slumber

My dear friend Ronke is coming on Friday and we are using that day as a hard target for putting our house in order (no, we are not dead but you know what I mean).   The paint has been applied to the main level (with a couple of areas of touch up needed [because nothing says painting like touching up!]) and the family room is totally done. 

We just started in on the bedrooms upstairs tonight and the color we chose for Gideon’s room looks quite a bit like one of his old pre-real food diapers.  I suppose I have a strong affinity to those days.  I was getting about the same amount of sleep that I’ve had over the past four days back then.  Somehow these late nights haven’t made me all crazy-sleep deprived neurotic like those first few months post baby.  I’ll give a shout out to the hormonal withdrawals for all that instead. 

I’ve been going non-stop for four days and had been doing really well (cheesy biscuits for Sunday school, watching my friend’s adorable girls, painting for fifteen hours a day…).  The other day Jud asked if I was doing meth because that is the only explanation for all this energy and concentration.  I suppose the thought of Kay coming just has me incredibly excited. 

Tonight when I started seeing odd flashes of light while trying to edge out a nice shade of blue in the guest room, I realized that I am still human and not hopped on any illicit drugs, so I am home now and on my way to bed. 

For Realz

Things are going better here in Kimland.  We have been fairly productive – cleaning floors, organizing a suitcase full of clothing which will be destroyed as soon as I need to get to my socks, getting a bunch of work done (Easter is right around the corner) and painting (how much longer can it go on!?).  We finally settled on some colors with names like Sanderling and Rock Star and Lakefront. Guess what color Rock Star is…. 

In Gideonville things are getting awfully toothy.  Those two he had?  They are having babies.  Total through the gums now: five.  Last night while attempting to show Ellen that he had four, we all saw the fifth one poking through a little bloody gum.  Poor thing.  He can be crabby all he wants if his mouth is bleeding.  I think that’s in the Constitution. 

We hadn’t been to church in a while because of all the sick.  Then we went there yesterday and just exposed ourselves to more sick.  The table where we were eating our supper?  One child with the stomach flu.  She puked everywhere.  It makes the mashed potatoes a little less appetizing.  Another kid had an oozing eye.  The claim is that he has seen a doctor and that it is merely a ‘cold’ but I have suspicions to the contrary.  And then, of course, even if it is a weepy cold eye, maybe the goo could stay home until it is dried up and not matting down his eyelashes.  Wouldn’t that be polite? 

Another mother and I were all venty last night about the people who come to public places with sickness and how unbelievably annoying it all is.  Now I am venting here.   It seemed fitting.  Also, perhaps we all just needed a good reminder.  If your preshus little shnookums is not feeling well, KEEP THEM AT HOME. For the love. And for real.

Just One of Those

Not having a great day today.  Mostly I am probably tired and mostly I would prefer to not hear the baby crying anymore. I would also like the source code for a different website that I fiddle around with (or am actually responsible for officially in a job description) to cooperate and stop being so unbelievably annoying. I would like to request that people know specifically what they want from me before asking and then be happy with what I can provide as a final product and not complain about the result.  I would like that coffee ice cream I ate to not taste like beef.  I would like to be able to fall asleep instead of lying awake for hours and hours.  I would like the sound of my heart racing to stop beating in my ears.  I would like to take a few more breaths. 

 That is all.