Thank You Thursday: The Fathers

There are two fathers in my life right now and both of them are pretty incredible men.

My dad has taught me a whole host of things over these past thirty some years. He taught me that being sleepy is a feeling you should give into.  He taught me that everything is a dip.  He taught me how to drive a stick shift. He taught me that anything can be suffered through for three months. He taught me to save my dollars.  He taught me to how to make my check book balance and to write out a check to give away before you write out any of the others.  He taught me that I could recover from anything but to always wear my seatbelt. He taught me to be cautious but brave, how to play sharks and minnows and how to work an 8 track player.

My husband is teaching our kids all sorts of things too.  He’s teaching them to obey their father and their mother and that obedience is immediate.  He’s teaching them that condiments make the meal.  He’s taught them how to drink water right out of the tap by tilting their heads to the side.  He’s teaching them how to garden and how to feed the squirrels. He’s teaching them the noises that bears make and how to win at Duck, Duck, Python. He’s teaching them the value of hard work by modeling it every single day.  He’s teaching them that men protect their families and stand up for them whenever there is a threat.  He’s teaching them how to respect their mother and how to love her well.

Thank you, Dad and Jud for these years of being examples of the highest caliber of man – the kind who demonstrates sacrificial love for others, no matter the cost.  Your love for and devotion to your family have forever changed our lives. I am so grateful.

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