I’m sure I’ve told you before that a very wise woman once told me, ‘Before you get mad, take a picture.’

Best Mom advice EVER except that I am needing my camera all the time right now. So, I’m mostly counting to ten or walking away or being really, really quiet. That last one totally freaks them out.


On Monday, I was hauling laundry up and down from the basement…dirty stuff goes down in the abyss, clean stuff comes up and hopefully finds a way into drawers and closets. It’s a long process that I pretty much always leave for Mondays because having all the laundry done on a Monday can make you feel amazing.

When I came back down with the last basket, I found this:

She was pretty happy with herself and, as you can see from his expression, he was pretty pleased too. I snapped the photos and then went off to make supper. She wore the ink until bath time. I let it go.

  1. Happens frequently at our house. Brenna’s worn marker multiple days….and I just have to let it go! There are only so many times you can say, “Only on the paper!” or “Only on the board!” 🙂

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