Weekend Over A New Week Begins

Monday morning and Jud sneaked out the door about a half hour after Piper made her second potty break during the night.* I rolled over and slept until 6:15 when she was crying to be let out of her baby prison. Somehow she just never musters the strength in those tiny little arms to hoist herself over the railing once she is inside her crib. Getting in with a little help from the rocking chair is totally NBD. Her highness would however prefer assistance if it is early, mid afternoon or late. And make it snappy.

I obliged and brought her into bed with me where she proceeded to list off all of things she needed, including her BANKET (who needs the letter L?), her BAIL (tiny Disney princess Belle doll. When pronouncing this world, she is suddenly from North Carolina), her BECKFAST (don’t worry. She isn’t listening to any insane racists who want her to buy gold), her SPECH TREAT (chocolate candy for not attempting to run out of her room when she went to bed) and her DEEDEAN (Gideon was still sleeping, but not for long with Ms. Motormouth at full volume).

Gideon walked in and asked “Where’s dad?” I told him he’d already left for Phoenix. “I miss him.”

Me too buddy.

But look, here are pictures from this weekend to cheer us up!

Look, I didn't eat all the oreos. Four were saved!

Oh yes those are streamers hanging from the lights. We were having a PARTY.

Nothing says PARTY like streamers hanging from a light fixture.

“If there is an emergency in Lego City, call this kid.

*Note to self: restrict her liquids sooner than five minutes before she lays down.

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