Snapshots from Today


Piper wakes up and squawks for someone to rescue her.  I go in and find her huddled in the corner of her bassinet, back arched and trying to turn over.  I pick her up, lay her down on the bed and prepare to change her diaper.  A giant smile spreads across her face, starting with her eyes first.  She squeals happily while I meet her needs and cuddles my neck when I pick her up again.


Gideon is playing with his ride-on Thomas and has a Nalgene bottle in one hand.  He announces that he is driving to ‘star’ (which is what we call dad’s work because all of the other words are too garbled to understand.  He will probably grow up thinking Jud is an astronaut who flies to a star every day for work). A few minutes later he yells “Hi Daddy!”.  I suppose he has arrived.


While Piper is down for her first nap of the day, Gideon asks to make chuchis by saying the word while cocking his head to the side.  He reminds me of a little puppy asking for a treat.  I can’t refuse.  


Snicker doodles in progress, Gideon is stirring a bowl full of air while I add the dry ingredients.  He jabs his spoon into the dough and quickly licks it off. It is the very first time he’s eaten cookie dough and his eyes get big as he says “yes!” and wants to scoop up more.  Evasive action keeps his spoon out and I promise him he can have a cookie after they bake.  


Cookies are baking while Gideon colors at the table.  He asks me to sit by him and we are both coloring.  The first batch finishes and Gideon has one at the table.  He’s taking bites in between coloring.  I sit down and pick up a crayon.  He puts the cookie up to my mouth and says ‘Mommy eat.’  We share the cookie and the coloring until all the cookies are baked.


Piper is awake again and watching Gideon play.  Thunder breaks outside and Gideon runs to us.  With my arm around him he is suddenly brave and using a big voice to talk about the rain and the thunder.  He suggests we find an umbrella.  I suggest we read. 


Both of them are down for naps and although my house looks certifiably disastrous, I’m perfectly content.

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