Four Days of Awesome

The weekend officially started on Friday because that is Poppy’s day off and Grandma only worked a half day.  Any day where I am not the sole caretaker is a weekend day for me.  And now you know how I am able to be so cheery and ‘with it’ most of the time…three day weekends almost every weekend.  This one was even more awesome because there were four days of time with other adult humans that love these two munchkins just as much as I do.  And that means, for four consecutive days,  I didn’t once have to have the door open while I went to the bathroom (of course, I may have left the door open out of habit, but I didn’t HAVE TO leave it open.  See?  That is very different).  

Friday started with a trip to the hospital for Piper because of the ultrasound deal.  She did swimmingly and passed the test with all of her hip bones developing normally.  The ultrasound tech was all “This baby is STRONG!” and “She is a weightlifter!” and “Look out radiologist-lady! You’ve gotta wrastle this one!”  And then the radiologist lady was all “Holy Cow! What are you feeding this baby!”  and I was all “Duh. Protein shakes.  What else?”  And then they lady was all “I’ve held down two year olds that aren’t this strong.”  And I thought “You should meet my two year old.”

Later, Poppy and I took Gideon to the barbershop where he received his first hair cut where the boys get their hairs cut.  He sat perfectly still and did just what he was told to do.  He has a proper hair cut now and looks like he’s twelve.  I was also very brave and did not cry, in spite of the crazy monologue in my head about losing my baby and how he could no longer be found.  No more chubby baby writs…no more needing Mama for hair cuts…Okay, I’m stopping.  He’s getting bigger.  That is all. 

We finished the day with a date for Jud and I at one of my favorite restaurants (where we met friends!) and then saw a movie.  These were both a part of my birthday present.  The rest of it was a book from one of my favorite bloggers but it has lots of curse words and graphic descriptions of the horrors wreaked on ones body when one has a baby so I will keep the details to myself instead of recommending it to you and then you being all indignant about the kinds of things I find amusing. You know, BECAUSE I’M HORRIBLE. 

The next two days were filled with lots of other fun things like shopping with my mother (sans children) and taking the whole gang of us (we now require two vehicles) down to see the trains at Kennefick park (I’m sure I spelled it wrong.  Get over it) and throwing steaks on the grill while we sauted onions and peppers inside.  It was a very good weekend.

Today is rainy and dark out and I am loving this cooler weather.  I am also loving that we are back on schedule with nap times and working and all of it.  Routine makes me giddy. 


Grandma & Piper & Harley

Grandma & Piper & Harley


Gideon & Dada & Bubbles & Backhoe

Gideon & Dada & Bubbles & Backhoe


Gideon & Poppy & A Train

Gideon & Poppy & A Train

    • Tawnya
    • May 26th, 2009

    What a fun weekend! Glad it was so good, and a Happy Belated Birthday to you! Glad you celebrated well:)

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