This past week has been wonderful.  I’ve had tons of help from Jud and my parents as we all help Gideon adjust to his new world and me adjust to mine.  Piper has not needed much help.  She is a sleepy poopy machine of goodness that has melded into our family like butter.  She’s sweet and she’s snuggly and her brother really likes it when she makes squealing noises.  I’m still struggling to get myself ready, Piper dressed and fed and out the door in plenty of time.  Jud still does a great job getting Gideon together and ready for appointments.  He’s a great dad and I’m so thankful for all his hands on work with our children.  Unfortunately he’s been plagued by a nasty cold that’s now settled in his chest bronchitis and is having to keep his distance a bit from our little girl. Gideon can’t leave Jud (his personal jungle gym of fun time) alone even if we wanted him to, so we haven’t really attempted it.  Hopefully tomorrow will bring antibiotics and more requests from his coworkers to leave the office so that he can rest and get better. So, we’re surviving, even in the midst of the hacking and we’re thriving with two great eaters and sleepers who are the biggest joys of our lives.  

All wrapped up (thanks, Aunt Tawnya!)

All wrapped up (thanks, Aunt Tawnya!)




She's in a blue blanket, but trust me, it's Piper.

She's in a blue blanket, but trust me, it's Piper.






My boys

My boys

    • kit and luke
    • March 23rd, 2009

    that’s a cool wrap thingy! is it for swaddling? my girls really loved being swaddled, it helped them stay asleep better. and maybe Jesse would’ve liked it too but I didn’t know about it yet.

    Hope Jud feels better soon, that stinks!

    • Tawnya
    • March 23rd, 2009

    Oh we will be praying for Jud and that no one else gets sick! I’m so glad that Piper is mild mannered, but totally imagine it’s still a chore-x-2 now with get ready and everything. She looks adorable all wrapped up – thanks for posting the pictures – we, who are far away love seeing your sweet family!

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