Lend Him Your Ear

Aren’t we supposed to avoid ear infections when there are tubes in there? Hmm.  Not so much.  The iodine colored goo flowing out of his ear was the first real clue we had.  In spite of the seven days of antibiotics now, the thick nasty goo has changed to evergreen muck.  There’s nothing quite as awesome as your kid batting at his ears for a week and not making much progress against the bacteria festering in his head.  Time to call the doctor again.


On the upside of life, some wonderful friends of ours handed down three cool trucks to Gideon.  We wrapped them up along with a few other things that they’d handed down to us and called it Christmas.  Gideon is in LOVE with the trucks and books. He’s over the moon for trucks so when he got a fourth one yesterday from Jud’s parents we weren’t surprised when he didn’t want to put it down.  Thanks for all the great gifts grandparents, relatives and friends!  He is beyond joy.


Computer from Aunt Ronke

Computer from Aunt Ronke


He calls them Elba and Chuchi

He calls them Elba and Chuchi

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