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There are new videos up here of Gideon.  

And the flickr account was updated too.  

I know, it’s like I’m on top of it or something.

Good thing you cannot see the room in which I am typing this.  You might mistakenly believe that there was a horrible struggle involving at least three people (if you counted the shoes that are scattered about, including the one that is on the coffee table), one of whom thought that the valuables we’re stashed at the bottom of the toy basket as it’s contents have been dumped out and then rifled through with haste.  

I knew this would be a tough week since the past one was so great.  Gideon loves to have your attention.  In fact, he loves your undivided attention and with everyone off of work last week, he had lots of captive audience members to entertain. That translated into one of the best weeks of his life.  This week, I have still had to use the bathroom and clean up the dishes from lunch and dress myself and all of these things have left him without an immediate companion to amuse or tackle.

To express his dislike of the situation, he makes this whiny screechy crying noise that is like acid in my mouth.  I’ve been putting him in his crib until he calms down (which can take a very long time) because calling the gypsies still seems a little rash.  Once he’s calmed down, he is all loves and hugs and plays so nicely again for a few hours, or until I have to answer the phone.   I’m just hoping that the new baby will be more of the companion for him to entertain and less of the distraction over which to melt down.  We shall see.

    • Kit and Luke
    • December 4th, 2008

    ahh, the so-fun adjustment period after a “kid got all sorts of attention from relatives” event, I know it well.

    • jenn
    • December 8th, 2008

    so… for a minute, i was thinking that the dog’s head must have been seriously hurt according to the thud that was made. it wasn’t until gideon came back that i realized the dog is NOT real. =) that was too cute! and, the pics are great. it’s hard to believe that he has grown so much!
    p.s. pretty, pretty christmas tree!

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