sweet friends

Hello, dear people (that’s a little jim eckman for you). Thank you to the many who have written emails and sent cards and left posts and made phone calls after reading my sad post from last Saturday. I didn’t mean to solicit any, so it was quite a surprise to get so many sweet responses.

Our shopping experience on Sunday was very positive. The Sunday school class was really great…best Sunday school we’ve been to in AGES. The senior past was out (always the way it is when you visit a church, right?) last week, but the associate pastor preached and did such a great job. I was convicted and have even made a change in how I’m living this week. Thank you, pastor man, for preaching the Word! Also, they did a great job with helping us to feel welcome. They seem like a really healthy church family. We will actually be going to a marriage seminar they are doing this Friday and Saturday with some other friends of ours. Don’t worry, we’re not rushing in too quickly. We’ll be cautious.

Work is kind of beating the life out of me right now. I’d better get to bed so I’m ready for my whoopin tomorrow. Thank you, sir, may I have another?

Non Sequitur:
Why did this person open up the little bottle of fuel? Now there is blood gushing out of his mouth and pooling behind his head. Silly warning man. Leave the fuel alone.

We’re about to start a project for Dr. Ron Allen that involves stacks of overheads, a scanner and PowerPoint. Let your mind do the rest.

Have you ever seen that strange movie Clockwatchers? Probably not. It’s not very good. But Parker Posey is in it and I love her. Party Girl! Yeah! Anyway in the movie she is a temp and the company she is working for thinks that she and her other temps are stealing from them. My company thinks someone is stealing postage from the meter. I found this out on Friday when I could not meter some mail. Scenes from the movie flashed in front of me as I was told about it on Monday. Parker Posey = Kim Except, really not, because I am not that funny and also I think in the movie, she actually was the one stealing and I am NOT stealing postage because I have those fancy new stamps. I don’t need your stinking meter.

My mom got some plane tickets to come and visit. She’ll fly in the Thursday before Memorial Day and then leave the Tuesday afterwards.

Where were you two years ago on Memorial Day?

    • Tawnya
    • March 29th, 2006

    …Silly Kim..we were at your wedding! And a beautiful wedding it was:) Can’t believe it’s close to two years already. So glad to hear about the latest church experience. Hope you enjoy the marriage conference too!

    • Anonymous
    • March 30th, 2006

    By golly, I think we were in Omaha at some wedding? That’s right – we were at YOUR wedding!!! So has it felt like two years already?
    Hope you and your mom have a good visit:)

    • Jeremy Stine
    • April 6th, 2006

    Hey that fuel can is no joke. The same thing happened to me last year with with a bottle of petroleum jelly. Better safe than sorry I always say.

    Anyways, your dad just told me about this blog. I didn’t even know it existed. You guys are great about posting. I think over this period of time I would have about 2 posts. Great to hear you had a good church experience!

    • Kim
    • April 8th, 2006

    What?! J. Scott Stine is writing on our blog now. J SCOTT STINE!!! The soon to be Big Daddy himself. Unreal!

    Jud and I are a little sad that you are not having a boy because we really want you to name the baby Francis Nathaniel…you know, Frank N. Stine! Ha ha ha! You could have a child whose name is a joke. Isn’t that great?……What? Sarah wants to beat me up now? Well, okay.

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