The Onions, they are swift

I made Sue’s Crab Caesar Rotini Salad because it is so good and because Jud loves it so much. I used green onions because it calls for green onions, but let me tell you, these onions are STRONG. You probably cannot appreciate the capital letters for what they really mean, but I will help you to understand. Yesterday, after making the salad and Jud having some for lunch, I pulled up outside our home. When I opened my car door, I could smell the onions. I thought that I must be mistaken and that maybe I was just thinking about the salad and thus only believing that I was smelling them, until I opened the door to our home and the smell hit me a million fold. Today I was forced to apologize to my coworkers before I even opened my Tupperware filled with the delicious salad because I knew it would be so stinky. My mouth is still pungent and my breath is deadly. Oh how my father would love this salad. Too bad he is so far away.

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