Like a bell tolling from another world…

Today was another full day. Full of learning and full of thinking. I know that I should really be researching stuff right now for a small project that I have due tomorrow night but this past hour and a half has been to some respect the first free time I’ve had all day.

My classes are pretty great so far. On top of my already busy Wednesday schedule I began a small group lunch meeting with Bob Wilkin who never ceases to give me things to talk about. A lot of the stuff we talked about today I can’t get out of my mind. The primary thing that is weighing on me is regarding a hermeneutical method that redefines Scriptural inerrancy. [If you want to know more about it, write me an email or give me a call and I’d be glad to tell you more.]

This weekend we begin our Spiritual Formation groups which will last the entire next two years with the same group of people. (Here’s hoping we actually like the group) It should be a good experience. Everything starts with a big kickoff on Saturday that lasts the entire day. With the football game starting at 2:30, I’m hoping that by the entire day they mean 2 pm. Well, I should do that research now. Good night. – Jud

One thousand years in a day (II Peter 3:8)
100 billion galaxies
Are but the fringe of His works
A whisper of reality
Who then can understand
The thunder of His power
That filled the seven seas
And painted every flower? (Job 26)

Now to, the King, eternal, immortal
Now to, the King, eternal, invisible
Now to the King, the only God
Be honor and glory forever and ever (I Timothy 1:17)
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